Jasmine Moradi

I am fascinated by the power of emotional marketing, branding, e-commerce, and technology. My expertise is in Behavioral Science and UX Research identifying what makes your customers tick! I drive Insights from Consumer Research to unveil the real connections between consumers' hearts, minds & behavior, and product needs. With 20 years of experience, I offer complete UX Research and Service Design services with an emphasis on brand experience and business development. I take the time to deeply understand your users helping your design team to build it right the first time so your management can focus on growing your business.

Services growing your business

Behavioral Science & UX Workshops

Helping you drive tomorrow’s changes today through human-centered design and sustainable UX. I teach you tools and techniques practices that are emerging in the mainstream of technology innovation and sustainable UX with your users in focus. I offer UX Research workshop master classes.

Service & Interaction Design

I focus on research customers, audit websites, create and test prototypes, and train you in user experience best practices. Invest in UX and deisgn it right the first time.

UX-Copywriter & Content Creator

I focus on well-crafted words to improve UX and provide users with decision-making clarity. I also help you elevate your brand by creating content that connects with your audience.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

I help you come up with an original solution to assist businesses to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and attain and maintain compliance with standards and regulations by providing comprehensive Web accessibility solutions.

WordPress Webmaster & Workshops

I am a WordPress webmaster helping you build a modern website based on your wishes and requirements regarding design and function. I start with storytelling followed by user research and rebranding. I also offer WordPress master classes.

Podcast Production

I oversee all aspects of podcast production such as branding, concept, inviting guests, interviewing, recording, editing, publishing and marketing.

My professional skill

I am an experienced Behavioural Scientist, UX Lead, and Service Designer with experience in leading design processes and design sprints. My expertise is to identify, via behavioural science & UX, what makes customers think, feel and do. I am passionate about uncovering the connection between consumers' hearts, minds & behaviors & product needs.

I have through my career and projects demonstrated a high degree of analytical & strategic ability. I am a very committed & driven person who always takes initiative and responsibility as well as a strong team player. I have extraordinary intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills to drive concepts and ideas from a strategic design thinking perspective with tactical speed and quality. No challenges have hindered my design thinking and ability to solve problems based on the needs of the users. I get things done and I have contributed to great value product development improvements.

I have led many service design processes and I have the ability to design seamless user experiences for products and services. In my projects, it has also been important to always take further insights e.g. editors & steering groups, and turn them into long-term strategies, which live long after launch - UX blueprints with a focus on sustainable solutions. My end result has increased company sales and the customer experience as well as formed the basis for business decisions.

Service Design Lead (triple diamond)​




Workshop facilitator


Strategi and concept development




Interactive Design


User testing


In-depth interviews


Customer journey





20 Years of Experience


Stockholm School of Economics

Retail & Business Management

Thesis: “What does your brand sound like? How can retail companies with help of matching background music, transporting the feelings the consumers associate with the brand image, be able to use music as an integral part of the brand strategy? In collaboration with Soundtrack Your Brand and GANT.

Stockholms universitet

Bachelor of Journalism Media and Communication (JMK)

Thesis: "How immigrants and native Swedes are portrayed in Swedish crime journalism, Aftonbladet"

Berghs School of Communication

Advertising Graduate Program: Account Management

Graduation project: Digital brand strategy and website design for Ragn-Sells

Celsiusskolan Uppsala

ScienceAssociate of Science

Graduation project: A documentary about snakes in captivity with Jonas Wahlström owner of Skansen-Akvariet.

Work experience

2022 - current
Knowit experience Stockholm

UX Lead

Knowit Experience is one of Scandinavia's largest digital consultancy firms providing digital competencies with a global mindset.

Jasmine Moradi

Consultant & Entrepreneur

Behavioural Scientist | UX Researcher | Podcast Producer | Webmaster | Event Manager | Content Creator

Utopia music

Senior UX Researcher

Merging Music and Tech to create a better world for music through #FairPayforEveryPlay.

Soundtrack Your Brand Sweden AB

Head of Research

The leading music-streaming platform for businesses was started by Ola Sars (Beats music), Andreas Liffgarden (Spotify), and Joel Broms Brosjö (Doors). www.soundtrackyourbrand.com/content/research

RISE/Mistra Future Fashion

Deputy Program Director

Research for systemic change in fashion via closed loops and changed mindsets.

STHLM Gift Lounge AB

CEO & Founder

I analyzed a gap in the event industry and started an event company to increase brand awareness by connecting celebrities and brands at VIP lounges behind Sweden’s biggest galas; Idrottsgalan, Finest Awards, and Kristallen.

Wowallet Sweden AB


An online retail company started by Swedish investors Jonas Hagströmer (Creades) and Johannes Schildt (Kry).

MTG Nice Entertainment Sweden (Titan Television & Baluba)

Production Manager

One of the world's leading creators, producers, and distributors of television programs, commercials, events, and branded content.

Ndoro Children’s Charities

Event Manager

A family-owned charity with the aim to build schools in Zimbabwe.

VIPICA PR & Productions

Event Manager

A Russian and English fashion and event company targeting high-end brands and celebrities

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Junior Event Coordinator

An independent, not-for-profit, standardization organization in the telecommunications industry in Europe.

Hill + Knowlton Strategies

Financial Assistant

The world’s oldest and largest communication and marketing agency owned by the WPP Group.

Bearing Management Consulting

Financial Assistant and Junior Management Consultant

A leading global business consulting firm with management and technology capabilities in Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, and Stockholm.

Design Skills

Interaction Design


Logo Design


Canva Design


WordPress Design


Soft Skills

Effective communication










Critical thinker.



  • Speaker Mirac music conference 2017, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce 2017 and The Smart Conversations Mexico 2019.
  • Media coverage 150 + articles (Billboard, Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg, etc.).
  • Research articles 4 groundbreaking in-store music research reports.
  • Field research H&M, Hästens, Filippa K, McDonald’s, Kone, Axel Johnson, Systembolaget and ICA
  • Sponsorship deals Secured up to 5 million SEK mix of monetary and non monetary assets.
  • Events Produced over 300 events with between 30- 350 attendances in London, Sweden and NYC.
  • EU Horizon 2020 Project Director for FuturePulse from the Soundtrack Your Brand team.
  • Accelerators Wallifornia (MusicTech 2020) & Antler (Entrepreneur 2020).
  • Entrepreneurship Award Stockholm School of Economics Business Lab 2013.
  • Internship Production Manager at ANR BBDO Advertising Agency in Stockholm 2008.
  • Languages Swedish, English, French, Farsi, Norwegian, and Danish.
  • Cities worked Stockholm, London, Monaco, Cannes, and Barcelona.

Podcast: Audio + Science + AI


The Power of Audio + Science + AI is a podcast series by  Behavioural Sound Scientist Jasmine Moradi to educate Brand Leaders on the power and the future of audio branding. I investigate how Audio Branding offers brands boundless creative opportunities — from music marketing to sound architecture, from AI music to consumer psychology, and beyond — so consumers hear the right sound at the right time and at the right moment.

The increasing importance of Audio to the brand marketer has grown multiple in the last few years, and brands have just started recognizing the power of sound. This is one medium that you, as a marketer and advertiser, cannot afford to ignore. How are your Audio Assets subconsciously perceived by your customers, and are you measuring the impact? Listen to my intimate and in-depth conversations with my fellow industry colleagues from the MusicTech Startup Scene, Brand Experts, Music Supervisors, Musicians, Engineers, and Scientists to learn their background, philosophy, and process — basically unlocking the secrets behind the power of audio, science and artificial intelligence to succeed with your Audio Branding experience.


Total downloads 50 000 +

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Podcast episodes

Queens of Tech Podcast

Queens of Tech is a podcast series about raising the voice of workplace role models – 60+ questions in around 30 minutes with female influencers about their journey into STEM.
Voices of impact!

I, Jasmine Moradi, started the “Queens of Tech Podcast” initiative in May 2022 because I would like to retain more women in the tech industry. Female talent is out there, but the work environment needs to improve for women, non-binary and transgender to feel safer, stay authentic, get equal opportunities, and be valued for their contribution.

My goal is to raise the voices of female tech influencers around the world and together with companies, investors and politicians raise the challenges and opportunities around Equality, Inclusive Diversity, and Belonging in our workplaces. Enough is enough!

The podcast talk is built around  60+ questions regarding upbringing & education, career path, DEIB, and advice. The purpose is to get to the heart of the guest’s life and career journey to inspire other girls and women, non-binary and transgender to unleash their full potential in tech to reach top leadership roles.

Total downloads 10 000 +

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In-store music research

Featured in 150 + articles.

Groundbreaking in-store music research reports

Soundtrack Your Brand + HUI + Jasmine Moradi

WordPress Webmaster

  • Re-branding
  • Domain transfer
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • UX-Writing
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Woocommerce
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Recent projects

Adams & Adams

The Fortunate One

Jasmine Moradi

Bon Vivant Media

Queens of Tech

Kafferosteriet Götheborg


Björn Rosenström

UX Insights

The Power of UX Research & Behavioural Science

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Media coverage

Press articles

Featured in 150 + articles.

Your Local Cafe Is Probably Streaming Music Illegally (Bloomberg)

Artists are losing billions because small businesses use personal Spotify or Apple Music accounts. Artists…

Why Your Business May Be Breaching Copyright Law By Streaming Personal Playlists (Forbes)

The chances are today you’re going to listen to some music. And perhaps you’re listening…

Small Businesses Cost The Music Industry A Reported $2.6 Billion In Unpaid Commercial Streaming (Genius)

71 percent of US small businesses don’t know they can’t use personal streaming services for…

Music Loses $2.65 Billion a Year From the Likes of Coffee Shops (Rolling Stone)

Soundtrack Your Brand and Nielsen study says 83 percent of small businesses are not paying…

L’industria discografica perde $2,65 miliardi all’anno per la musica di sottofondo (Rolling Stone Italy)

La pirateria è forse la più visibile tra le disgrazie economiche dell’industria musicale, ma non…

Attention Shoppers: The Background Music You Hear May Not Be Licensed (Wall Street Journal)

Businesses that play music from consumer streaming services like Spotify are underpaying by as much…

Music Industry Is Missing Out on $2.65B a Year From Stores’ Improper Streaming, Says Study (Billboard)

The music industry is missing out on $2.65 billion annually due to businesses using personal…

Music rights holders lose $2.65bn annually because businesses are using personal streaming accounts (Music Business Worldwide)

Music rights-holders around the world may be losing out on at least $2.65 billion each…

Music Industry Loses $2.65 billion a year over improper licensing by small businesses (The Independent)

Experts behind study have called it a ‘wake up call’ for anyone creating music. The…

Bringing The Streaming Music Revolution To Small Businesses (Recording Academy)

Music adds so much to atmosphere, and commercial background-music services can help deliver competitive advantages…

Is your business streaming music for customers? That’s breaking the law (The Guardian)

According to a new report, 83% of businesses are streaming personal music services for public…

Retailers should pay more attention to the background music they use in their stores (Fashion United)

Want to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales? Then pay attention to the music you…

Small business owners want lower music license fees following Melbourne bar’s $200,000 fine (ABC Australia)

When you’re in a restaurant or cafe, what does the music you hear over the…

Lagu Ed Sheeran Ampuh Tingkatkan Penjualan Makanan Cepat Saji (CNN indonesia)

There is no way of escaping Ed Sheeran even if you wanted to – which,…

Too much Ed Sheeran bad for the restaurant business says study (Fox News)

Turn off the Top 40. That’s the takeaway from a study by the consulting firm…

Why the sound of Ed Sheeran helps sell fries (The Guardian)

Swedish researchers have found that specially selected songs played in a fast-food chain increased takings.…

How MUSIC makes you spend more: Restaurants reveal a new sound system that increases profits by 10% (Daily Mail)

Researchers have created a new system called Soundtrack Your Brand The system plays music that…

Onderzoek: door muziek van Ed Sheeran eet je meer (Marie Claire)

Was jij een van de lucky bastards die een concertkaartje wist te bemachtigen voor Ed Sheeran en…

Ed Sheeran fait le bonheur des fast foods! (NRJ)

Ed Sheeran est la star d’une nouvelle étude plutôt délirante. Jouer sa musique aiderait à…

The right music in a restaurant can make you linger for dessert. The wrong kind will make you leave (Quartz)

Restaurants agonize constantly over ways to eke the most money out of their customers. Dimming lights, deploying…

This is how Ed Sheeran’s songs are being used to sell more chips (The Irish Independent)

The sound of Ed Sheeran’s songs can encourage people to spend more money. Stores use…

Major restaurants installing music systems which make you spend 10pc more  (The Telegraph)

Music playing in restaurants can affect whether you decide to order sides or a milkshake,…

Music does not make the tills ring (The Times)

Retailers know that the music they play in-store has a huge effect on business. Source:…

Så förförs du av musik på restaurangen (TV4)

https://youtu.be/QLktlSAM4Do Restaurangens musikval ger klirr i kassan. Hör hur du blir påverkad av tonerna utan…

Why Listening to Ed Sheeran Could Make You Order Dessert

You already know music profoundly affects your workout. (Anyone who has ever tried running on…

Musik jättelyft för Gant (Market)

Gant bytte bakgrundsmusik i en butik. Då steg försäljningen med 32 procent. ”Positivt överraskade”, säger…

Ökad försäljning med musik i butik (Butiksinredning)

Butiksmiljön är direkt avgörande för kundens köpbeteende – och här spelar musiken en viktig roll.…

Musiken du inte väljer själv – P2 Dokumentär (Sveriges Radio)

Musiken finns överallt omkring dig, men det är inte du som väljer den. I butiken,…

Valet av musik har blivit strategiskt för hotell och restauranger

Musik är viktigt för upplevelsen och forskning visar att valet av musik kan ha en…

Ny studie bekräftar deras idé – rätt musik ökar butiksförsäljning (Breakit)

En undersökning från Handelshögskolan, i samarbete med Spotify-leverantören Soundtrack your brand och klädkedjan Gant, slår…

Njut av musik

Musikens betydelse för oss människor är stor. Den är starkt sammanlänkad med våra känslor och…

Hur låter ditt varumärke

This paper examines the impact of the congruence between the background music and the brand…


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