How ECCOVR is harnessing the future of music | Joel Doeuk

#25: Soundscapes and Virtual Worlds.

In conversation with Joel Douek, Co-Founder Film Composer & Sound Designer at EccoVR.

Joel Douek and I discuss the ins and outs of how ECCO VR is harnessing the future of music by designing high-end spatialized, positionally aware sound and music in VR/AR marketing.

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#1 The Immersive Power and the Importance of Sound in Virtual Reality (0:19)

#2 What is an AR brand experience, and how can it be used in marketing? (14:23)

#3 How "Under the Canopy" applied the power of virtual reality to highlight the vitality of the Amazon rainforest to us all. (19:33)

#4 How VR will change the live music experience and save the music business industry. (20:49)

#5 What's the future of spatial audio experiences in VR/AR? (51:08)

#6 How brands can harness the power of spatial audio experiences in their marketing strategies. (55:15)