Music as Medicine – How Wavepaths’s Integration of AI, Meuroscience and psychotherapy is Dr. Bradley Wavepaths

#5: Music as Medicine: – How Wavepaths’s Integration of AI, Neuroscience, and Psychotherapy is Unlocking the Healing Effect of music to Design the Future of mental Health.

In conversation with Dr. Bradley Vines Chief Science Officer at Wavepaths.

In episode #2 of my podcast, I spoke with Dr. Bradley Vines regarding his work in the field of sonic branding at Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. Today, Dr. Bradley Vines is the Chief Science Officer at Wavepaths focusing on music in psychedelic therapy. On top of his long list of merited Universities, Dr. Bradley Vines has been Laboratory Director at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Psychiatry’s Institute of Mental Health In this episode, Bradley and I discuss the ins and outs of the role music plays in psychedelic therapy.

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#1 Covid-19 is burdening our mental health with having to think consciously about behaviors we took for granted. (02:12)

#2 Research study: Absolute pitch and neuroplasticity: Valproate significantly improved adults’ perfect pitch performance. (07:07)

#3 Traditional mental health treatments vs. music in psychedelic therapy. (12:09)

#4 How Wavepaths’s AI music system delivers personalised, adaptive, therapeutic experiences with music for psychedelic therapy. (21:08)

#5 How to train an AI- system to deliver tailored music that leads a person into a desired mental state. (33:53)

#6 Can music replace psychedelic drugs? (37:36)

#7 Self-medicating through music during quarantine – Listen, Sing, Play. (49:06)