Augmented Audio Technology - Let Your Skin Do The Listening. Mervi Heinaro |  FLEXOUND

#22: Augmented Audio Technology: – Let Your Skin Do The Listening.

In conversation with Mervi Heinaro CEO at FLEXOUND.

My guest today is Mervi Heinaro CEO at FLEXOUND, - The Finnish Augmented Audio™ start-up that combines high-quality sound with physical vibrations, allowing you as a consumer to both hear and feel music and sound at the same time.

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#1 What is augmented audio technology? (4:09)

#2 How FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ enhances the entertainment, automotive, and healing enjoyment. (12.09)

#3 Asian cinema companies are on the front edge of implementing augmented audio technology to meet customers' demand for new experiences. (17:49)

#4 The FLEXOUND Smile: consumers never want to experience normal cinema after their augmented audio experience. (21:54)

#5 The HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion™ experience vs. normal headphones. (30:30)

#6 How FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ is used in therapy to increase wellness and self-care (34:45)

#7 Feeling is believing. How does music feel?  (38:11)

#8 The future of FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™: replacing loudspeakers in automotive noise reduction in game arcades (41:28)