AI Music Selection GroovSense use Emotion AI to create the perfect playlist | Dr Hane Aung

#27: AI Music Selection: How GroovSense is utilizing Emotion AI to automate the social music playing experience to create the perfect playlist.

In conversation with Dr Hane Aung Co-Founder GroovSense.

My guest today is Dr. Hane Aung Co-Founder of GroovSense - a leading global UK MusicTech company on a mission to automate the social music playing experience via their AI Music Selection App.

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#1 Dr. Hane Aung’s career journey from breakdancer, to Behavioural Computer Scientist to the Co-Founding GrooveSense.

#2 How GroovSense is combing Artificial Emotionally Intelligent technology to automatically analyze the mood of the party crowd as it changes. (12:50)

#3 Now music fans around the world can create the perfect real-time ‘hosted’ party playlist with GroovSense. (23:46)

#4 The ABBA Journey - how GroovSense scientifically learns about the crowd (30:28)

#5 The GroovSense DJ Dashboard helps DJs make the best music selections based on the crowd’s tastes. (43:23)

#6 How businesses such as restaurants, clubs, and retail can utilize GroovSense to automatically measure the behavior of customer sentencing to maximize in-store music. (49:05)

#7 GroovSense App vs. Social Jukebox App (56:35)

#8 Dr. Hane Aung’ predicting the future of real-time behavioral sensing technology and GroovSense. (1:01:39)