ClicknClear enforces music licensing in the performance sports & fitness space | Chantal Epp

#26: Music Licensing: How ClicknClear enforces music licensing and the power of music in the performance sports and fitness space.

In conversation with Chantal Epp Founder & CEO ClicknClear.

My guest today is Chantal Epp, an award-winning Entrepreneur, World Champion cheerleader, pioneer of ParaCheer, and last but not least, the founder and the CEO of ClicknClear.- the music rights tech and licensing company in the performance sports and fitness space.

In this episode, Chantal Epp and I discuss the ins and outs of enforcing music licensing and the power of music in the performance sports and fitness space, making sure artists get fairly paid for their amazing works of art.

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1# Chantal Epp uses the power of music as a way to release her inner emotions. (02:40)

#2 From dreaming of becoming a Pop Star to successfully disrupting the music industry with ClicknClear. (08:15)

#3 Chantel Epp also holds the title “World Champion Cheerleader”. (09:27)

#4 From studying classical music to starting a career in commercial music (11:36)

#5 Synergy Sounds were founded due to the lack of professional cheerleading music mixes in the UK. (13:08)

#6 It was Chantal Epp’s passion for cheerleading and music that became the creation and innovation of ClicknClear. (15:30)

#7 Chantal Epp and her team have managed to sign, and clear music license deals with 720 record labels and publishers, including Sony, Warner, Universal Music Publishing Group, and BMG. (18:11)

#8 ClicknClear’s technology solves and serves the entire sporting ecosystem. (25:52)

#9 How clients use and benefit from ClicknClear services to increase the value of music in their sports activities. (28:35)

#10 How Chantal Epp successfully secured investment in the creative industry. (36:22)

#11 ClicknClear future goal is to continue building a healthy licensing technology system that pays artists fairly. (42:37)

#12 Chantal Epp’s biggest music industry learnings (44:17)

#13 Chantal Epp’s tips to other female and diverse entrepreneurs that would like to get into and succeed in the music industry (48:17)

#14 ClicknClear’s future innovation strategy (49:19)

#15 Chantal Epp featured in the Kindness & Leadership 2020. (50:12)

#16 Chantal Epp’s motivation behind advocating for ParaCheer (disability-inclusive cheerleading). (53:33)