Gant: What Does Your Brand Sound Like?


Type of research and hypothesis: 
An in-store music study examined the difference in sales and the time customers spent in the store when they heard music chosen to fit the brand, random music, and no music at all.


Over 600 observations and 200 questionnaire responses revealed that the brand-fit music increased customers’ overall satisfaction with the in-store experience, improved their perception of the physical space, and reinforced positive associations with the Gant brand—all of which translated into higher sales.

Customers spent around 42% more time in the store when music was present. So, having some music is clearly necessary.

Customers spent only 1.6% more time in the store when music was chosen to fit the brand than when it was random—not a huge difference.

Sales increased by an average of 37% when brand-fit music was played instead of random music.