Sonic Seasoning - Eating with Your Ears. How Music and Sound can be used to Enhance the Multisensory Experience of Food and Drink. Dr. Charles Spence |  Oxford University

#17: Sonic Seasoning: Eating with Your Ears. How Music and Sound can be used to Enhance the Multisensory Experience of Food and Drink.

In conversation with Dr. Charles Spence Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University.

My guest today is the one and only Dr. Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology and Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. He is a Gastrophysicists working at the interface between chefs, food companies, and technology.

Charles is passionate about how people perceive the world around them. In particular, how our brains manage to process the information from each of our different senses to form the extraordinarily rich multisensory experiences that fill our daily lives. His research focuses on how a better understanding of the human mind will lead to the better design of multisensory foods, products, interfaces, and environments in the future.

Charles has published more than 500 articles in top scientific journals and has been awarded many prestige psychology prizes. In this episode,

Dr. Charles Spence and I discuss the ins and outs of Sonic seasoning: When Food, Sound & Neuroscience intertwine to create the perfect food and drink experience.


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#1 How a Broken TV got Dr. Charles Spence into Experimental Psychology. (02:21)

#2 Sensploration: When Sensory Marketing meets Neuroscience-Inspired Multisensory Design. (05:56)

#3 How Marketers can Measure the Emotional Experience of Food and Drinks. (11:14)

#4 Sensory Dominance: When a Sense Overpowers Another called The McGurk Effect. (17:28)

#5 Superadditive: When Senses Work Together to Enhance the Experiences. (23:11)

#6 Subadditive/Incongruent: When Senses Clash and Can Ruin the Experience. (25:45)

#7 Is there Such a thing as a Perfect Meal? (27:49)

#8 Kitchen Theory: How chef Jozef Youssef, Steve Keller, and Dr. Charles Spence Push the Boundaries of Gastronomy (33:03)

#9 The Illusion of Flavor: How the Perception of Food actually occurs in our Mind. (40:35)

#10 How to Make Bland Airplane Food Appetizing? Umami! (45:20)

#11 What Happens to Your Brain When You Eat and Listen to Music (49:35)

#12 Music-Taste Pairing of Coffee, Wine, Bear, and Honey. (54:56)

#13 Dr. Charles Spence’s best Practice on How Brand Leaders can Harness the Power of Sonic Seasoning to Build Competitive Advantage. (1:04:18)

#14 Music for Good: How to use Sonic Seasoning to Nudge People Towards a Healthier Eating Behavior. (1:08:17)

#15 Dr. Charles Spence Reminisces his Best Gastronomic Experiences. (1:13:51)