#14: Made Music Studio’s SonicPulse® Research: How to evolve sound branding in the age of COVID-19 by measuring the subconscious impact of audio assets.

In conversation with Lauren McGuire President Man Music Studio.

My guest today is Lauren McGuire. With soon 10 years at Man Music Studio. Lauren is an expert in sonic branding, music for television, and sound design of experiences. In this episode, Lauren and I are going to discuss the ins and outs of sound branding in the age of COVID-19 and beyond.

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#1 Lauren McGuire’s Career Journey on Becoming a Leading Expert in Sound Branding.

#2 Fight, Flight, or Freeze: How We Respond to Sounds.

#3 Brands Want that Perfect Track but Want to Pay the Cost of a Skoda Instead of a Ferrari.

#4 How Your Choice of Brand Sound Can Make or Break the Consumer Experience.

#5 Sound Branding in the Age of COVID-19 Needs to Evolve Otherwise Brand Sounds will come across as Tone-Deaf, Insensitive and Out-Of-Touch.

#6 Measuring the Subconscious Impact of Sound Is the Only Way to Improve Sonic Appeal & Drive Behavior!

#7 Stores Will Be Using Music to Make You Feel Comfortable, and Safe and Provide a Positive Payment Experiment.

#8 How Made Music Studio is Designing and Measuring the Future of Voice, AudioUX, and 3D Audio Sound.

#9 Lauren McGuire best Sonic Branding Practices to Brand Leaders on the New Now.