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“The Power of Audio + Science + AI” is a podcast series hosted by Behavioral Sound Scientist Jasmine Moradi, aimed at enlightening Brand Leaders on the influential role and future potential of audio branding. Delving into the dynamic world of Audio Branding, I explore the myriad creative possibilities it offers, spanning from music marketing and sound architecture to AI-driven music and consumer psychology. The objective is to ensure that consumers experience the right sound precisely when it matters.

The significance of audio in the realm of brand marketing has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, with brands beginning to comprehend the substantial influence of sound. As a marketer or advertiser, neglecting this medium is no longer an option. It’s crucial to assess how your Audio Assets are subconsciously perceived by customers and whether you’re effectively measuring their impact. Tune in to my engaging and insightful discussions with industry peers from the MusicTech Startup Scene, Brand Experts, Music Supervisors, Musicians, Engineers, and Scientists. Discover their backgrounds, philosophies, and processes, unlocking the secrets behind leveraging the power of audio, science, and artificial intelligence for a successful Audio Branding experience.

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