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Soundtrack Your Brand社とニールセン社の合同調査により、中小企業の83%が音楽著作権使用料をきちんと支払っていないことが判明。-hanny-naibaho-aWXVxy8BSzc-unsplash

What happens if you use commercial facility BGM and music distribution services with your personal account? (Rolling Stone Japan)

The global music industry is said to lose $2.65 billion every year, and one of the causes is said to be illegal use of personal music distribution services by small companies. On the 15th, local time in the United States, the results of a joint investigation by Soundtrack Your Brand, which develops licensing services, and…

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Music industry loses $2.65 billion a year over improper licensing by small businesses-simon-noh-0rmby-3OTeI-unsplash

Music Industry Loses $2.65 billion a year over improper licensing by small businesses (The Independent)

Experts behind study have called it a ‘wake up call’ for anyone creating music. The global music industry is losing out on billions each year because of small businesses misusing personal streaming services, according to a new report. The study, conducted by Nielsen Music and published via licensing service Soundtrack Your Brand, found that just 17 per cent of…

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Bringing The Streaming Music Revolution To Small Businesses (Recording Academy)

Music adds so much to atmosphere, and commercial background-music services can help deliver competitive advantages to business customers. “Licensed soundtracks for small businesses offer a win-win musical opportunity” — Conversations In Advocacy #40 Innovation in U.S. compensation for music’s creators took a huge step forward last week as the Music Modernization Act was signed into law,…

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Is your business streaming music for customers? That's breaking the law-Spotify-Aoundtrack

Is your business streaming music for customers? That’s breaking the law (The Guardian)

According to a new report, 83% of businesses are streaming personal music services for public use – and it’s costing the music industry $2.65bn a year. I was out last night at a local restaurant with my family and not only enjoyed the lamb chops, but loved the awesome 80s music that they piped into…

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Retailers should pay more attention to the background music they use in their stores (Fashion United)

Want to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales? Then pay attention to the music you play in your store. According to a study by music tech company Soundtrack Your Brand in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics, customers tend to stay 42 percent longer in stores where background music is played, compared to stores…

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Small business owners want lower music licence fees following Melbourne bar's $200,000 fine

Small business owners want lower music license fees following Melbourne bar’s $200,000 fine (ABC Australia)

When you’re in a restaurant or cafe, what does the music you hear over the house PA system do for you? Does it enhance your experience — and encourage you to linger over your latte, or come back the following week — or does it make no discernible difference? That’s one of the key questions…

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Music does not make the tills ring

Lagu Ed Sheeran Ampuh Tingkatkan Penjualan Makanan Cepat Saji (CNN indonesia)

There is no way of escaping Ed Sheeran even if you wanted to – which, let’s face it, you definitely don’t. In fact, you probably lie in bed humming Shape of You for hours and if you didn’t before, you will now. But what if we told you that Ed Sheeran is unintentionally, subliminally making…

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Too much Ed Sheeran bad for restaurant business, says study-dan-gold-E6HjQaB7UEA-unsplash

Too much Ed Sheeran bad for the restaurant business says study (Fox News)

Turn off the Top 40. That’s the takeaway from a study by the consulting firm Soundtrack Your Brand concerning background music in dining establishments. It found that certain types of playlists — namely, those comprised of random pop hits — aren’t as good for business as a curated playlist mixed with lesser-known, yet on-trend songs….

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Why the sound of Ed Sheeran helps sell fries

Why the sound of Ed Sheeran helps sell fries (The Guardian)

Swedish researchers have found that specially selected songs played in a fast-food chain increased takings. It’s elevator music, 21st-century style: not Herb Alpert, piped tinnily into your local department store, but carefully curated playlists generated by algorithms and used by major restaurants, supermarkets, and retailers all over the world to entice us to spend more cash. In…

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How music makes you spend more -jesson-mata-I2Erl2cU_A4-unsplash

How MUSIC makes you spend more: Restaurants reveal a new sound system that increases profits by 10% (Daily Mail)

Researchers have created a new system called Soundtrack Your Brand The system plays music that reflects a brand’s values rather than random songs In a trial, 16 branches of Mcdonald’s implemented the system in Sweden Results showed that the soundtrack made customers spend 10 percent more    If you find yourself splashing out an extra…

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