Jasmine Moradi

Welcome! My name is Jasmine Moradi, and I am a results-oriented and value-driven senior consultant in UX research, Service Design, and Digital Project Management with over 10 years of successful leadership.

As an expert in strategically and operationally applying behavioral science and UX methodologies, I create a deep understanding of user needs. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I have successfully led design processes and design sprints in various company sizes and industries, including startups.

I take the time to deeply understand your users helping your design team to build it right the first time so your management can focus on growing your business. Let's talk!

Services growing your business

Behavioral Science & UX Workshops

Helping you drive tomorrow’s changes today through human-centered design and sustainable UX. I teach you tools and techniques practices that are emerging in the mainstream of technology innovation and sustainable UX with your users in focus. I offer UX Research workshop master classes.

Service & Interaction Design

I focus on research customers, audit websites, create and test prototypes, and train you in user experience best practices. Invest in UX and deisgn it right the first time.

UX-Copywriter & Content Creator

I focus on well-crafted words to improve UX and provide users with decision-making clarity. I also help you elevate your brand by creating content that connects with your audience.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

I help you come up with an original solution to assist businesses to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and attain and maintain compliance with standards and regulations by providing comprehensive Web accessibility solutions.

WordPress Webmaster & Workshops

I am a WordPress webmaster helping you build a modern website based on your wishes and requirements regarding design and function. I start with storytelling followed by user research and rebranding. I also offer WordPress master classes.

Podcast Production

I oversee all aspects of podcast production such as branding, concept, inviting guests, interviewing, recording, editing, publishing and marketing.

My professional skill

I am a Senior UX Research Lead, Service Designer, and Behavioral Scientist with a decade-long history of successfully guiding design processes and sprints. My passion extends to the realms of generative AI design, emotional marketing, e-commerce, and emerging technologies. My expertise lies in the strategic application of behavioral science and UX methodologies to unravel the intricacies of customers' thoughts, emotions, and actions, establishing a profound connection between their hearts, minds, behaviors, and product needs.

Throughout my professional journey and diverse projects, I consistently showcase exceptional analytical and strategic prowess. Recognized for my unwavering commitment, self-motivation, and initiative, I excel at shouldering responsibilities and thrive as a valuable team player. Fusing intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills, I leverage strategic design thinking to propel concepts and ideas swiftly and precisely.

I am adept at surmounting challenges, employing design thinking, and devising effective solutions tailored to user needs. My results-oriented approach has significantly contributed to enhancing product development and creating substantial value.

My leadership extends to spearheading numerous service design processes, and crafting seamless user experiences for products and services alike. In my projects, I prioritize assimilating insights from diverse stakeholders, transforming them into enduring strategies. By concentrating on sustainable solutions, I consistently bolster company sales, enhance customer experiences, and lay the groundwork for well-informed business decisions. My unwavering dedication to delivering tangible results distinguishes me.

I thrive in challenging and fast-paced environments, and as a results-driven and pragmatic leader, I enjoy addressing complex challenges and inspiring teams to succeed.

I am interested in contributing to client assignments as a senior UX Lead, Service Designer, or Digital Project Manager. I am driven by solving business challenges with a user-centric perspective and bridging the gap between users, design thinking, and technology. I look forward to collaborating with you to deliver innovative and user-centered design solutions.

I have:

  • In-depth understanding of UX and UI design.
  • Experience conducting insightful user research.
  • Experience with qualitative and user-centered design methodologies.
  • Practical knowledge of quantitative, behavioral analysis, and statistics.
  • Passion for design and technology; not satisfied with the status quo and always thinking of new ways to improve design and technology.
  • Strong business acumen and industry knowledge.

Service Design Lead (triple diamond)​




Workshop facilitator


Strategi and concept development




Interactive Design


User testing


In-depth interviews


Customer journey